About November Studios is a full service, boutique style production company specializing in outdoor multimedia projects.

Our Company

We are a specialty, boutique style production company specializing in high-resolution photography and video for product features and motion graphics for commercials and films. Our strong collaborative team is there from the creative, planning and execution of the production shoot all the way through post-production -delivering a final product of exceptional quality.

We are leaders in innovative marketing with backgrounds that makes us uniquely placed to deliver cross platform productions for film, TV and web-based series.

We can provide digital and new media consultancy and production in an increasingly technological world where traditional revenue and marketing models are being supplemented with new and advanced channels.

Our film production expertise allows us to bring high production-value to the screen with professional cast and crews.

Most importantly, we are die-hard hunters and outdoor enthusiasts and communicating likeminded people is our cup of tea. If you're looking to reach outdoor enthusiasts with your brand, message or product, we can help.

About November Studios